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Nordschleife under 5 minutes is getting nearer – Juan Pablo Montoya, William BMW F1 2004

This is a 05:12:xxx lap around the 20+ KM long Nordschleife track, @Germany, running Juan Pablo Montoya’s 2004 William BMW F1 car.

This lap is 46 seconds faster (!!) than the one I did on Alain Prost’s 1986 McLaren F1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fe6Q7qaXTo). This translates to a progress of ~2.5 seconds per year, in the 18 years of rules and technology changes that separate both cars.

The 2004 Williams BMW F1 seemed easier to drive than the 1986 McLaren, which has sudden bursts of power and requires a very firm hand on any acceleration. The older car also produces less downforce and cannot handle corners with the impetuosity of the Williams, demanding an intelligent preparation of any corner.

The 2004 Williams is greater fun! With my current setup, it is ~30 kph faster on the long straight. It can brake later and, more importantly, it does not immediately spin around, when subject to extreme – and bordering carelessness – direction changes. Overall, it tolerates a violent lap and it rewards the player with considerable brain and body stimulus. After a few minutes of trying to push this car, one gets tense, awaken and sweaty! True physical exercise. I adore it!

This time of 05:12:xxx can surely be improved, but not by much. I doubt that I can make this car go sub 5 minutes, but I will try.

Montoya vs Schumacher, Nordschleife, Williams BMW F1 2004

During my attempts to perform a great lap around the Nordschleife 20+ KM track, racing the 2004 Williams BMW F1 car – which would culminate in a spectacular 05:12:xxx achievement as captured on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vReEBXMRxU
-, there was one situation where the other Williams BMW, driven by Ralph Schumacher on the 2004 F1 season, got on the way and did not play clean at all.
I managed to record the ~1 minute long sequence of “friction” between the cars, until a successful overtake finally happened.