Keeping DNS records on

With the growth of the Cloud and micro-services, I found myself needing “fast” domain names that can be instantaneously administered, with features such as trivial proof of ownership and immediate CNAME edits.

My choice for such names is, which I know from the days I hosted websites at home.

I just renewed my subscription. Because 2021 is ending, the discount code NEWYEAR35 worked – I got 35% off. This is a temporary code, of course.

On the other hand, here is a permanent 5+ USD discount link:

Trying to opt-out of Microsoft's Viva emails?

The most you can do to opt-out of “Microsoft Viva” emails is to go to

and to switch off “Cortana Briefing”.

This is an invasive, unnecessary, never requested feature, that harvests your data – namely emails – for situations like appointments, compromises assumed with other people, etc.

Odds are that you will stop receiving the “Viva” emails, but your data will remain training the Cortana agent, which is unfortunate.