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Listening to Edward Abela – "Chronicles"

This is original music, composed and performed by the artist, mostly using electronic devices, but sounding classical and with a very strong piano presence. At times, it remembered me the music for the movie “Piano”, not because of any structural overlaps, but because of the beauty, the “landscaping”, and the dominant instrument.
Great listening!

Here is its Spotify playlist:

Listening to Sean Taylor – "The Path into Blue"

Uau! Listening to Sean Taylor – “The Path into Blue”. The first track, titled “This is England”, manages to sing about Spotify, “Brexit” and algorithms in a sensible way! Amazing. Rich lyrics, sometimes even poetic. I am enjoying it via a 1024 kbps stream and, as I write, a guitar screams in superb definition, on track 3, titled “Grenfell”.

You cannot get 1024 kbps via Spotify, but this is the only way I know to share it: