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Listening to Sean Taylor – "The Path into Blue"

Uau! Listening to Sean Taylor – “The Path into Blue”. The first track, titled “This is England”, manages to sing about Spotify, “Brexit” and algorithms in a sensible way! Amazing. Rich lyrics, sometimes even poetic. I am enjoying it via a 1024 kbps stream and, as I write, a guitar screams in superb definition, on track 3, titled “Grenfell”.

You cannot get 1024 kbps via Spotify, but this is the only way I know to share it:

Listening to Until Ben – "Binaries Traveller"

Mostly electronic music, exactly how I like it: it is “electronic” in the sense of heavily created with computer-assisted techniques, but it features vocals (chorus), acoustic instruments (synthetized, I suppose), non-recurring events for a more credible “atmosphere” or “landscaping” of the audio stage, exotic audio patterns that don’t remember me of anyone else – an indicator of originality.

The overall creation denotes rich creativity. It works; it is effective in bringing the listener to a different dimension. Very well done.

Listening to Nomina – "The Chroma Plateau"

Similar to Ascendant. This is calm electronic music, painting audio landscapes for the listener to slowly absorb. The proximity to Ascendant’s last album is more than genre-based: to my preferences, both creators could benefit from a better use of punctual silences and other simple elements, for a less monotonic results. For example, the artist “Ultramarine” achieves this with non-recurrent audio events featuring samples from the everyday world, namely water flowing, a cork popping out of the bottle, etc.