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Transistor last had an episode 4 years ago

Transistor was one of the first podcasts I found worth the time. It is about “scientific curiosities” and it ran until 2017-11. This November seems to signal the 4th year after its end.
Now that it is possible for Spotify users to compile playlists which contain episodes of “shows” (the technical name the API gives to this type of content), I wrote some code which helps me in better organizing my listening experience.
Here is a playlist of the entire 62 episodes of “Transistor”.
@ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/58aIPGMiDpLyavGNkB37mK

Notice: the playlist indeed has the entire series, but there is an imposed limit on the number of visible entries, when embedding, so you’ll see only 50 entries. To see the full content, add directly to the Spotify app.