Nordschleife under 6 minutes – Alain Prost, McLaren F1 1986 (TV cam)

This is a sub 6 minutes (05:58:xxx) lap around the famous Nordschleife track, @Germany, running Alain Prost’s 1986 McLaren F1 car. Not easy at all! With no driver assists, these cars, real or simulated, are known for their very challenging handling, with sudden bursts of turbo power and an overall mass lighter than modern (2020) F1 cars.

It was so difficult (for me) and enjoyable to race this lap, that I recorded it from multiple cameras: the in-car perspective, the TV capture, a view from the car’s top structure, and a split-screen edit, featuring both the in-car and the TV records.

This is the TV camera video. Check my channel for the other perspectives.

Just enjoy and, if you ever get the chance to try it on rFactor 2 (PC), please do, and share it too!, because, at home, this is the closer one can get to the real thing. No other game approaches this. – from in-car – from the TV camera – from the car’s top – split-screen edit