Oh, the violence! Nordschleife under 310 seconds! (TV CAM)

This is a 05:09:9xx (5 minutes, 10 seconds) lap around the challenging Nordschleife track, in its most faithful digital laser scanned version, using the superb “rFactor 2” simulator, driving Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 2004.
I do these laps just for fun, and as a form of physical exercise. To achieve these relatively fast times, one has to commit, mind and body! This particular lap was intense, hard, and great fun. Extremely demanding action, for 5+ straight minutes.

Recently (May 2020), the Nordschleife track has become my testing playground. I have now tested Prost’s McLaren F1 1986, Montoya’s Williams F1 2004, and now Schumacher’s Ferrari F1 2004, always improving. Next on list is Grosjean’s Lotus F1 2012.