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CSaA – The Emancipation Procrastination

I am a “Spotify Explorer”, heavily relying on the service’s “Discover Weekly” feature, to find new good music. As I age, I find myself steering away from music with vocals, since too many lyrics seem “empty” to me, nothing but near-literal repeats of what was sung before. This is one motive to be an “explorer”: to find whatever still rises above the regular offerings and manages to enchant me.
I compile my findings in these public playlists. Check if you enjoy some.

Superb album. Different in many senses.
Background beats with beautiful and original patterns that contrast the crowd, not only in their mathematical structure, but also in the instruments used, which range from rhythmic frictions on surfaces, to mechanical bells and voices.
Still, the foreground wind instruments are the true signature of all that I have listened from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (CSaA): strong in intensity, dynamic in amplitude and, above all, so beautifully arranged, mixed, made harmonic with the whole, that the end-result is a clear display of mastery in genres and musical “landscaping”!
Congratulation to this gifted artist.