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My plants, the 2nd batch is on

I keep experimenting with growing some plants, using a very simple “AeroGarden” hydroponics system, which consists of no more than a 2.1 Liters water tank with a water pump, plus a full spectrum LED light, of variable height, which I have set to turn-on for 16 consecutive hours, starting at 16:00, every day.
I am on my second harvest. The first harvest was done using the six plastic pods that came with the system, pre-seeded. Success was 100%. When the plants got big enough, it was my decision to take them out of the “incubator” hydroponics system and plant them on earth or on special self-watering vases, which have an independent water chamber. After the transfer, the system’s pods were free to receive new plant species.

This second time, I got the seeds in bulk, and dropped them into a funnel shaped sponge, long enough to dive into the water + nutrients solution. All the seeds were successful.
The video shows the three weeks old results of the new harvest. I am not entirely sure about all the plants’ names and even species, but this description is accurate enough:

  • Strawberries, not visible, still a very small plant, sitting at the back-row, left pod. I used 4 minuscule seeds.
  • Tomato, "RAF" variety, enormous and growing at an unbelievable speed, occupying the back-row, right pod. I used 7 seeds.
  • "Mooskrause 2", on the middle-row, left pod. Growing strong, and about to be eaten :). I used 5 seeds.
  • "Fitness Mix", on the middle-row, right pod. Growing very slowly. I used 4 seeds.
  • Tomato, "Sweet Italian" variety, on the front-row, on the left. It is growing slower than its “RAF” sibling, but still obviously alive and healthy. I am not sure on this one, but I suppose I used 4 seeds.
  • "Krauter Vielfalt" (Herb Variety), on the front-row, on the right. Seems to be a mix of dill and parsley. I used 7 seeds.

Video titled "My plants (2nd batch) growing 20190829 – 24 hours in 1 minute: "

Two months after birth, here is my plants’ status

My first batch of six plants was planted on 2019-06-25.
I published two videos from their “baby” days:

These plants grew enough to justify their transplant out of the “incubator” system, on 2019-08-07.
On the final week of August 2019, three weeks after the transfer, this is their status:

  • The curly parsley was the vegetal that took more time to grow to a reasonable size, more than any of the other species, but it is now doing well, planted on earth, on a cheap plastic vase; you can see it in the video, at the far left.
  • The basil, Taiwan variety, grew the most and the fastest out of the hydroponics system, and now lives in a special self-watering vase. All was perfect with it, until ~1 week ago, when its leaves started to show some grey spots. It is now on an obviously decadent phase. I suppose this is because of my ignorance on what nutrients to use in the water, or maybe these plants just have much a shorter lifetime than I expected them to have. I am learning, hands-on.
  • The other basil, Genovese variety, was the #2 on growth, but my culinary favorite. I have used its broad leaves three times, for soups! They taste great and its presence is obvious. This plant is now on one of those self-watering vases, planted on a substrate that is permeable to its roots, which descend to the separate water container. Unfortunately, after weeks of full health on that vase, it is also degrading, loosing leaves.
  • The dill, which was the #1 on smell, died on the final week of August 2019. It was on a regular plastic vase, on earth, not on a self-watering solution. There were no problems for weeks, but death came fast and suddenly. I read that dill “self-cultivates”, so I left it dead (?) on earth, hoping that something will one day grow from its remains.
  • The mint is alive, planted on a self-watering vase. It still grows new leaves, but it is also showing signs of decay on its older parts.
  • The thyme is a beautiful plant, now on a self-watering vase. I think it stopped growing and its leaves are turning from obvious-green to something that I describe as brown-green. I think it is also decaying.