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If you can NOT play remote audio, locally, via RDP, using Firefox

I connect to many different computers, using Microsoft’s “Remote Desktop”, using “RDP” (Remote Desktop Protocol). It is not common for me to need to play, locally, the audio from the remote computer, but sometimes I do.
Today, I successfully played, locally, remote audio using the Chrome web browser. Unfortunately, when I tried to do the same using Firefox, I only got silence.

The solution:

  1. In Firefox’s address bat, enter “about:config”
  2. Accept that you understand the “risks” of configuring Firefox
  3. Change the value of the security.sandbox.content.level setting to 2 (in my case it was set to 5
  4. Restart Firefox

Productivity: force Firefox to ask you which profile to use

In my view, Firefox is the best web browser, considering a mix of criteria, including the freedom and trust that comes with its open source nature. However, it should be more “profile centric”. Too many people work with a single Firefox “profile”, and that profile probably has a crazy random name assigned upon installation, which is a lost opportunity for improved productivity.
I create multiple Firefox profiles and use them for different purposes: discovery, regular destinations, home network destinations, etc.
One part of using multiple Firefox “profiles” is forcing Firefox to ask you which profile to use, every time you launch it. To do it, you’ll have to edit the Firefox shortcut and add it the arguments “-no-remote -ProfileManager”

In my case, the full shortcut reads:

C:\wp\inet\ffox\firefox.exe -no-remote -ProfileManager

Odds are that your path will be different.

The image should make it clearer what “editing” the shortcut is. To get there, right-click the Firefox icon, choose “properties”, and then pick the “shortcut” tab.