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RF2: Racing Alain Prost’s 1990 Ferrari around Le Mans, France (1991 layout)

On the weekend of 2019-06-15+2019-06-16, there was yet another 24h Le Mans event. Curious about the circuit, using rFactor 2, I decide to run Alain Prost’s 1990 Ferrari (the famous “duck nose” car) around the 1991 layout of the circuit. Unfortunately, the 1990 mod I use only features the 1990 Ferrari cars (Prost and Mansell), so I injected the 1999 bolides (from a different mod) as the competition, in what became a very interesting racing spaghetti.
Long story short: I am 3 seconds slower than the fastest of the 1999 cars, which seems quite good to me 🙂

Here is a video of a 03:14:7xx lap around Le Mans. First, the outside camera, then the inside camera.

A warning: rFactor 2 seems to have a technical limit of 3 minutes per outside camera replay. This means that I cannot capture a full “Le Mans” lap with outside camera. For that reason the outside camera in this video not only skips 14+ seconds of action but also – and more relevant to the interested viewer – is actually the joining of the first ~14 seconds of a second lap the replay system managed to capture with the true footage of the inside camera.

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