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Bad Eyeglasses = "Eyekeeper Petit" + Suertree "Anti-Bleue"

I had never used eyeglasses until recently. The many hours surrounded by computer monitors, require permanent close-distance focusing from the eyes, which is much more tiring than long-distance focusing.

Two doctors diagnosed me +1.50 diopters eyeglasses, but I had already started using them, on my own, self-diagnosed, after having experimented with +0.5, +1.0 and +1.5 affordable spectacles.
I think doctors can do better, in cases where the problem’s main source can be simple tiredness. They subject the patient to optical devices, to measure the proper needed corrections on sphere, cylinder and axis values, and may even request “tracking laser tomography” exams. However, it is rare for someone to have the initiative to talk about the effects of screen size, screen hours, screen light composition, (no) usage of screen filters, etc. Hence, I have been self-discovering.

I found that I do NOT always need the same correction and that a good “blue-light filter” can be extremely helpful. For example, as I write, I am using some very affordable “Eyekeeper” +1.0 glasses (~5 euros a piece!), and they focus exactly what I need. But, some six hours ago, all I needed was a negligible +0.5 correction, using my favorites: a product from Gunnar, featuring their “patented” lenses and light-filtering technology (~90 euros). They do rest my eyes! Hours after “Gunnar”, I often do NOT need glasses at all; but, after some time, I restart to feel that I could benefit from assistance.
After a full day of work, during the night, I might go +1.50. For those diopters, my affordable favorite is from “Prospek”. I also always need the +1.50 power, when using very high-resolution tablet devices.

My key finding is that the visual assistance that I need, while working, is not always the same – it fluctuates, from NO correction, to +1.50 diopters. The shape of the lenses and some light-filters can make a strong difference. I love the “Gunnar” brand for that.

I keep searching and experimenting, but I prefer to shop online, and I think there is NO good ecommerce for these products yet. I have been buying them from Amazon, with inconsistent availability and inconsistent results.

I spend more than I should at several Amazon stores. My current favorite is amazon.de; years ago, it was amazon.co.uk; occasionally amazon.es beats both. However, on August 2020, amazon.fr, where I had never shopped before, was the place to go for affordable, available, and deliverable to my location, spectacles with “blue-filter” and/or configurable diopters.

I bought a trio of “Suertree +1.50” with “90% blue filter”, and a single “Eyekeeper Petit +1.50, no blue-filter”. I disliked both and reviewed both with 2 (out of 5) stars. Here are copies of my reviews, left at amazon.fr.

For the “Suertree”:
“I own several +1.50 glasses and I can say there is something wrong with the item that I got from Suertree. Their focus is not sharp, as if I had picked the wrong diopters. Moreover, the blue filter interferes with the overall vision quality, mainly contributing to mirror effects with peripheral light (light that comes NOT from the center, but from the sides).”

For the “Eyekeeper”:
“I have other Eyekeeper glasses, and the brand became, to me, an icon of good products at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, not this time. These glasses look good, are light, but do NOT focus as sharply as other Eyekeeper I own, of the same +1.50 diopters, which is frustrating. On top of the focus issue, the frame gets in the way, meaning you can see it while wearing the product, because the lenses are smaller than they probably should be, and there are times they do not embrace the full vision field. Very disappointed with this item.”

https://arturmarques.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/eyekepper_lecteur_petit_verre_lunettes_de_lecture_sans_monture__1.50_diop_768.jpg (image/jpeg)


https://arturmarques.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/eyekepper_lecteur_petit_verre_lunettes_de_lecture_sans_monture__1.50_diop_gunnar_prospek_768.jpg (image/jpeg)


https://arturmarques.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/suertree_90pc_lunettes_de_lecture_anti-lumiere_bleue__1.50_diop_768.jpg (image/jpeg)


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