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Senna's top 8, not top 10

I would reduce formula1.com’s selected “top 10 moments of Senna’s brilliance” to 8 moments. Two selected situations do not show the good in Senna and one can even remember what was less good about him.

Moment #10 – “a defensive masterclass” – is also a lesson on how to NOT care about the pursuing driver and riskily close all the doors, building a bully reputation. In modern F1, some of these “defensive” moves would rise safety concerns and could have caused collisions with less intelligent pursuers.

Moment #4, regarding “Monaco GP 1984”, a race that was cut short and awarded only half the points, is written as speculation. The text speculates that Senna could have passed Prost for the lead, which is probable, but what is certain is what happened: the 4.5 points (instead of 9) awarded to the winner cost Prost the World Championship to Lauda, by 0.5 points. Senna could also have crashed, or a known mechanical issue could have prevented him of reaching the end.

Moreover, Senna’s statements on his own racing skills at Monaco, explaining himself as being “controlled by God”, were just too absurd and, unfortunately, would be repeated too many times.