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WordPresser – Developing my personal publishing solution

Since I want to make it easier to work in plural blogs at the same time, I am writing a set of tools to automate publishing in content management systems, namely WordPress blogs. My posts on “urls” and “Spotify playlists” are already happening via such tools, which I collectively call my “WordPresser” solution.
Here is a snapshot of the current version of my simplest HTML interface for publishing. The server side elements do the major work.

wordpresser_2019_form_v20190501.png (image/png)


My Spotify Playlist 20190421

I am a “Spotify Explorer”, heavily relying on the service’s “Discover Weekly” feature, to find new good music. As I age, I find myself steering away from music with vocals, since too many lyrics seem “empty” to me, nothing but near-literal repeats of what was sung before. This is one motive to be an “explorer”: to find whatever still rises above the regular offerings and manages to enchant me.
I compile my findings in these public playlists. Check if you enjoy some.