Moby – All Visible Objects (bah!)

I am a “Spotify Explorer”, heavily relying on the service’s “Discover Weekly” feature, to find new good music. As I age, I find myself steering away from music with vocals, since too many lyrics seem “empty” to me, nothing but near-literal repeats of what was sung before. This is one motive to be an “explorer”: to find whatever still rises above the regular offerings and manages to enchant me.
I compile my findings in these public playlists. Check if you enjoy some.

I am listening to Moby’s “All Visible Objects” (2020), and I am appalled with the album. It is so weak, so poor, so unimaginative, that the 5 million people that listen to this garbage on Spotify, myself included, should be ashamed of have given attention to this farce, instead of rewarding any other new artists who are indeed creating.

What happened to Moby?! The signals were there since 2016 with the “remixes” and the “sessions”, but the occasional good track kept hopes alive, until this. This “All Visible Objects” album is garbage.

Track #1 (of 11) is trash disco; track #2 is a girl saying “my only love” all the time; track #3 is nothing but a mix of loops with brainwashing lyrics; track #4 tries to break out the literal crap, using richer samples and voices, but the vulgarity formula soon starts scoring in background.
At this stage I stopped my Spotify session. I do NOT want Spotify to suggest me “more like this”.
It is sad when so many extraordinaire artists have near zero monthly listeners and frauds like Moby 2020 eat all the revenue cake, just because of past hits and sheep culture.
Bah! Double bah!

Disgust yourself: