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My very first RDD2 session, raw and uncut

When I was younger, I played a lot more: I played a lot more outside and inside the house. Playing inside the house meant and still means, to me, playing videogames.

Although there may be contemporary excuses for less outside playing, is it hard to argument unsurmountable obstacles preventing me from playing more on the PC. I am just bad at , unable to commit to wiser choices for myself.

Gaming usually is a mentally healthy choice! It provides escapism, detoxing. I feel rewarded when I am PC playing and I am sorry I do not do it as often as I used to, and should do.

Still, on 10 August, I finally managed to do a good thing and play “Red Dead Redemption 2” (RDD2), which I had bought nearly 1 year before, only to leave it abandoned on my Steam library. I recorded this very first RDD2 session on its raw entirety, including my struggles with the game settings, defining keys, feeling and discovering the game mechanics, and doing plenty of errors in the first mission, including terrible options, story wise.

The game is quite a cinematic experience. Games of this caliber are art and action. It was a very nice hour! Not stunningly great, but very nice. Amazingly, I felt more excited in the other century, walking by pixelated corridors in the ZX Spectrum. May be if total realism is ever achieved, gaming will become indistinct from reality, and will be gaming no more?

Here is my full, uncut, raw and ridiculous RDD2 session @ https://youtu.be/x9WI6UMIpIU