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Listening to Mnemonic – "Aversionen"

I am listening to “Mnemonic” (artist), album “Aversionen”, but not on Spotify.

This “Mnemonic” is an artist with just 18 monthly listeners on Spotify. This should highlight how incredibly hard is for creators, in any field of activity, to be recognized, even when producing good to great art, as is the case. The “sheeping” behavior on humans is such that people tend to flock and form clusters on everything, including music consumption, giving rise to unjust asymmetries in the “market of attention”.

It was not trivial to find the right “Mnemonic” artist on Spotify. There are at least two artists named “Mnemonic”, both in the electronic music genre, both worth listening.

There is
“Mnemonic” (NOT the author of “Aversionen”):

and there is the author of what I am listening to:

Here is the playlist of “Aversionen”, a rhythmic bassy album with exotic, quality, mixes: