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Netflix suggestions 190918 – and my opinion of "Stranger Things"

Some of Netflix’s original content investments might be rewarding and effectively bring new viewers to the network, but others push me away from my subscription, making me question “why do people watch this crap?”.
The most obvious name in making me want to terminate the service, is the world-wide-adored “Stranger Things”, which was actually fun in its first season, weak on its first return, and a complete disgrace on its current third season. “Stranger Things” is zero innovation, and 100% tried and tested vulgarity, crammed with (not so young) kids and adults hysterically screaming and swearing all the time, trying to please a ridiculous spectrum of audiences.
In “Stranger Things” each targeted audience segment is given a small obvious something that they – the producers – expect to be enough to capture them, but that to me feel nauseatingly forced, fake, plastered, just there because someone identified a commercial positive in it. This applies to kids swearing and drinking Coca-Cola, adults smoking non-stop, top-of-the-pops vinyl music of the 1980s, and people stereotypes so eroded that it is frightening to think that someone agreed to finance such a production, saying no to others.

Fortunately, the Netflix network (still) has captivating content, not trivial to find elsewhere. Here are some mostly international suggestions: a doc on the harsh reality of some Afghan kids, a Korean documentary, a doc on rat killers in Mumbai/India, and a doc on the Internet and the connected world.

For each suggestion, I include its Netflix and IMDB URLs.

The Land of the Enlightened (2016) – 7.1 * (508 votes)
Afghan kids from the Kuchi tribe digging and selling Soviet mines.

I Am Sun Mu (2015) – 7.2 * (172 votes)
A North Korean defector and his art.

The Rat Race (India / Hindi)
@Mumbai/India, some people make a living as rat killers.

Lo and Behold (2016) – 7.0 * (10K votes)
Werner Herzog on the Internet and “the connected world”.

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