A quick solution to check if a string ends with…

Today I was coding a PHP solution to remove tracking data from URLs. To help in doing so, my approach to the problem requires being able to check if a string ends in another. PHP doesn’t seem to have a prebuilt “endsWith” function.
So, I wrote an auxiliary tool to do just that (check if a string ends in another), dumped it as static method to an “Util” class of mine (being static, no need to instantiate the class to use it), and gave it the bonus of being able to do the checking in a case sensitive fashion, or not.

     * 2019-07-03
     * @param string $pStr : a string
     * @param string $pStrTermination : a string to be tested as a termination of the first
     * @return bool : true if indeed $pStrTermination is at the end of $pStr
    public static function auxCheckIfStringsEndsWith(
        string $pStr, //some string
        string $pStrTermination, //some string that eventually is at the end of $pStr
        bool $pbCaseSensitive = false //by default, don't be case sensitive in checking
        $iLengthOfString = strlen($pStr);
        $iLengthOfTermination = strlen($pStrTermination);
        $bItCanBeATermination = $iLengthOfString>=$iLengthOfTermination;

        if ($bItCanBeATermination){
            $iPosWhereEventualTerminationStarts =
                $pbCaseSensitive ?
                strpos($pStr, $pStrTermination) //case sensitive checking
                stripos($pStr, $pStrTermination); //case insensitive checking

            if ($iPosWhereEventualTerminationStarts!==false){
                //termination exists, but is it at the exact end of string?
                $bAtTheExactEnd = $iPosWhereEventualTerminationStarts === $iLengthOfString - $iLengthOfTermination;
                return $bAtTheExactEnd;
        return false;