01:32:1xx around Sebring with the 2017 Renault F1

This is a 01:32:1xx lap around Sebring, with Nico Hulkenberg’s 2017 Renault F1, using the simulator “rFactor2”. I uploaded this lap because at the time (May 2019) it was my absolute fastest lap on that circuit, regardless of the car, even without knowing how to DRS :).

Background: I enjoy racing in rFactor2 because of how physically demanding it is, with a steering wheel and pedals. A few days earlier, I had played with the 1991 Ferrari F1 and it was great! Having rediscovered PC racing, I am now on a mission to try many different virtual cars around Sebring and other tracks.
I remember the 2004 F1 cars being described as the fastest ever, from a strictly mechanical point of view, so I downloaded Michael Schumacher’s 2004 Ferrari F1 and I was impressed with it: easier to drive than its 1991 equivalent, faster on straights, more forgiving under braking and, when uploaded (May 2019), roughly 4 seconds faster, under my unskilled control. Great fun! On the same day, I would try a 2017 Renault F1 and manage to lap ~1.5 seconds faster, in my very first attempt, without even knowing how to activate the DRS (Drag Reduction System).